Sulphuric hot spring Blawan
Ignore the concrete and enjoy all natural sounds and the woodland surroundings. Although cultivated, the sulphuric hot spring is a wonderful and relaxing experience.

The hot spring opens daily from 8 o'clock in the morning till around sunset. You have to pay a small entrance fee of about IDR 15,000.
In Catimor Home Stay a small pool is filled with water from this hot spring every evening.
Heatflow form the hot springs at the Ijen Plateau
A lot of heat is leaving the area of Kawah Ijen and the Ijen Plateau, through both the lake and the hot springs. Temperatures of up to 225 °C were measured in the fumarole-solfatara of the crater lake. The heat flow from the solfatara area is estimated to be ten times as large as the heat flow from all the hot springs together in the Ijen Plateau. There are 12 springs recorded in the area, most of them in the Blawan area. The Blawan springs are probably fed from a source directly below. The water that reaches the surface has a temperature of around 40 to 50 degrees Celsius. The springs produce relatively diluted (compared to the crater lake, dilute means that the total amount of dissolved solids - such as iron and magnesium - in the water is low), neutral pH (6.4) water.