Alas Purwo National Park and Plengkung surf spot

NP Alas Purwo consists in 430 km2 and has fine beaches, good opportunities for wildlife spotting, and savanna, mangrove and lowland monsoon forests. The facilities are limited and the park is not easy to reach. The limestone peninsula is relatively flat; the highest hill has a peak of 322 m only.
Legendary surf spot: Plengkung

The waves at Plengkung have reached legendary proportions among surfers. The huge left-hand reef break, or rather a series of breaks stretching almost 2 kilometers, has made it world famous. The Quicksilver Pro surfing championship is held at G-Land every year around June. The surf camps at Plengkung are by no means five star, but provide unexpected luxury in the wilderness.
Main camp at Trianggulasi
The usual entry to the park is by road via the village of Pasar Anyar, which has a large park office. Ask here to check on accommodation and the latest conditions in the park. Or, call the head office of the Natioanl Park, which one can find in Banyuwangi. The actual gateway to the park is at Rowobendo. The beautiful white-sand beach is then 2 km away from Trianggulasi, the main camp. You can make some walks from the main camp.
Wildlife at Alas Purwo National Park
Herds of wild banteng cattle, kijang deer and peacocks are easy to see in the early morning and late afternoon at the Sadengan grazing ground, which has a viewing tower. The park guards can arrange night leopard spotting expeditions. Though sightings are not guaranteed, night walks are interesting.
There is a turtle hatchery at Ngagelan. It is 6 kilometers from Rowobendo by road, or it is 7 km walk along the beach at low tide from Trianggulasi. This beach attracts mostly Olive-Ridley turtles, which lay their eggs in the dry season. Other turtles that visit the park are the Hawksbill, Green and the giant Leatherback turtles.
Over 200 species of birds, mostly migrants, have been recorded in the park and hornbills are common.
Bring your own drinks and food.