Blawan waterfall in the district Bondowoso at the Ijen Plateau
The water falls 30 meters. From a distance, you can see the different colors; some of the water comes from a sulphurous spring that flows from Kalipahit, making the water a murky brown. When it meets cool clear water to form a mountain stream, the color difference is striking, making the waterfall truly unique. Water from the river Pahit flows with such a brute force, that the water hurtles down. It is impossible to see the 'end', because a water fog blocks your sight.

For a long time nobody new where the water flowed to. In the sixties of the twentieth century - during the communist era - a lot of people were killed, according to the local story. Those who were killed, were thrown into the waterfall. When bodies appeared in the city Asembagus in northeast Java, Situbondo district, the route of this hidden river was discovered. This might give a whole new dimension to this slightly romantic but very powerful waterfall.