Mt. Bromo its crater rim - East Java, Indonesia

Fly to Surabaya as it is easy, comfortable and fast. You will be picked up and off you are to Ijen.




Day 01

Pasir Putih village near the beach

Day 02

Blue fire
Ijen crater lake
Sunrise at Ijen crater rim
Sulphur miners
Sulphur weighing area
Sulphur factory - Licin village
Jagir waterfall
Kalibendo coffee plantation

Day 01. Yogyakarta flight to Surabaya – Ijen Plateau

An early morning flight will bring you in approximately one hour to Surabaya. Your driver will be waiting for you. You depart immediately to the Ijen Plateau. As it is a long drive - about 8 to 9 hours - you can stretch your legs and enjoy a delicious grilled fish (not included), as you can stop at Pasir Putih village near the beach. The last part of your trip will direct you to either Bondowoso, Sempol or Banyuwangi. It is determined by your choice of hotel, see the tab "Price".

Day 02. Ijen crater lake – Ketapang - Bali

Departing Banyuwangi: If you spend the night in Banyuwangi you will have to depart around 01.00 in the morning if you wish to see the blue fire. Otherwise it will be around 04.00 or 05.00 in the morning. You can discuss your wishes with the driver.

Departing Bondowoso: for the blue fire tour, you will have to get up early as it is around midnight that you will have to depart. If "blue fire" is not on your wish list, you can depart at around 04.00 in the morning.

Departing Sempol: Sempol is situated on the Ijen Plateau. Therefore it is only a 40 minutes drive to Paltuding. You will depart at around 02.00 in the morning if you wish to see the blue fire. Otherwise 05.00 in the morning will do.

Paltuding is the post from where your hike to the Ijen crater lake starts. If you would like to see the blue fire, you will meet your local guide in Paltuding. He will be waiting for you with your gas mask. It takes more than an hour to conquer the 3 kilometers to the top as the slope is rather steep. He will guide you into Ijen's crater once at the top. You will get very close to the most acidic lake on earth to see the blue fire. Blue fire can only be seen at a few spots in the world.
Then it is time to enjoy the sunrise at the crater rim; a sea of color is greeting you, while the surroundings are exciting. The world famous Sulphur miners are at work; getting into the crater, filling their baskets with sulphur, and hiking up the crater rim with loads as heavy as 80 kg, before heading down to Paltuding. When you finally head back to Paltuding, don't forget to visit the sulphur weighing area just behind the parking lot. It is here that the sulphur miners load their freight on a truck and get paid.
Next on your itinerary is breakfast. If you spent the night in Banyuwangi we will drive you back to the hotel if you didn't opt for a breakfast-box. After you enjoyed the Ijen crater lake, there is still time to visit the sulphur factory where sulphur is purified and packed, visit Kalibendo coffee plantation, and waterfall Jagir. Hereafter we drive you to the harbour, to catch the ferry to Bali. But, if you wish, we can also drop you somewhere in Bali.

Estimated time of arrival in Ketapang (ferry): around 12.00 noon
Estimated time of arrival in Bali: around 14.00 - Bali time is one hour ahead of Java time.

Note: please understand that "the blue fire tour" suits only those who are in physically good condition.