Start your tour in Surabaya - Ijen crater lake in East Java, IndonesiaTurtles in the hardly visited Meru Betiri National Park is something else compared to the famous Mt. Bromo and the magnificent Ijen crater lake.




Day 01

Bromo's landscape
Hindu villages around Mt. Bromo
Sunset over Mt. Bromo

Day 02

Mt. Pananjakan
Sunrise over Mt. Bromo
Black Sea of Sand
Crater of Mt. Bromo
Temple Poten Luhur
Pasir Putih beach
Sempol village
Sulphuric hotspring
Coffee factory
Coffee plantation

Day 03

Ijen crater lake
Sulphur miners
Extensive plantations
Meru Betiri National Park
Sukamade beach

Day 04

Surroundings of Sukamade
Release baby turtles

Day 01. Surabaya (airport/hotel) – Cemara Lawang

You will be picked up at your hotel in Surabaya or at Juanda International Airport Surabaya. If you arrive during the morning, you have time to visit the Madakaripura Waterfalls if the weather conditions permits you to. Otherwise, you will arrive in Cemara Lawang village in about 4 hours. If you arrive before it is dark, you can explore the area and get to know a bit about local Hindu life. Then wait for the sunset at the rim of the ancient crater in which Mt. Bromo rose. You will spend the night near Mt. Bromo.

Day 02. Mt. Bromo sunrise tour – Ijen Plateau or Bondowoso

It will be 03.00 o'clock in the morning, when you can have a cup of coffee or tea before you depart for a short drive in the direction of Mt. Pananjakan. You will have to walk the last part to reach the top where you can see the sunrise. Weather conditions determine your view and color palette. Once the sun warmed you up a bit, you will be driven into the black Sea of Sand. Feel free to get out of the car and walk. The car will bring you as close as possible to Mt. Bromo, but it will still be a 45 minutes walk one way. Enjoy your surroundings.
Once back at your car, you will be driven back to your hotel for breakfast after which you will have to check out. You continue your trip and drive to your next hotel.

Note: If you spend the night at Catimor Homestay (basic accommodation) at the Ijen Plateau - and arrive before it gets dark - you can explore the surroundings. There is, among others, a sulphuric hot spring, an area where coffee seedlings are grown and taken care of, and a waterfall. If you spend the night in Bondowoso city at Ijen View Hotel or in Licin village at Jiwa Jawa Hotel you can enjoy your hotel.

Day 03. Bondowoso/Ijen Plateau - Ijen trekking – Sukamade turtle beach

If you wish to see the blue fire you will arrive at 02:00 at Paltuding, from where your hike to Ijen crater lake starts (departure Bondowoso city: midnight, departure Catimor Homestay at the Ijen Plateau: 01:00). Paltuding is the point from where you start hiking to Ijen crater lake. Your local guide will be waiting for you with gas masks (please bring a head lamp). It takes a little longer than one hour to conquer the 3 km to the lake. Once at the top, you will have to descend into Ijen's crater. Enjoy!
When the sun is about to rise, you can enjoy a scenic panorama over Ijen crater lake while relaxing at the crater rim. Sulphur miners are already at work; they carry loads of around 80 kg on their shoulders and walk up the rim. Once at the rim, they load the sulphur on trolleys and wheel it down Ijen's slopes. At the sulphur weighing area (behind the parking lot), they get paid and load the sulphur on a truck.
After you enjoyed Ijen, you will drive via Pesanggaran village (switch cars) to the protected Sukamade turtle beach in Meru Betiri National Park. Sukamade is an unspoiled three kilometers of white sandy beaches on the Indian Ocean. While driving, you will pass the extensive and famous plantations of East Java and the mountain range of the Meru Betiri National Park. You still have time to visit the village near Sukamade beach, and witness locals making brown sugar.
In the evening you will be guided by a ranger to find sea turtles that come ashore to lay their eggs. A female turtle lays more than one hundred eggs. She usually comes ashore around 19.30 and returns to the sea around midnight. Although the turtles come ashore almost every night, there is always the possibility that they don't. The chance to see the turtles is about 95%.

Note 1: if you do not wish to see the blue fire you will depart around 04:00 or 05:00. You won't need a torch and you won't be descending into Ijen's crater.
Note 2: You will spend the night in a basic guest house in Meru Betiri National Park. This is the only accommodation available in the park.

Day 04. Sukamade – Ketapang (ferry to Bali)

After breakfast you can further explore the surroundings of Sukamade. When lucky, some turtle eggs have hatched and you can release baby turtles into the sea. How awesome.
Then, you will be heading to the harbor in Ketapang, where you can take the ferry to Bali. En route, you can stop at a local restaurant for lunch (not included).