Start your tour in Surabaya - Ijen crater lake in East Java, IndonesiaThe active volcano Mt. Bromo is probably Java's best known mountain while the Ijen crater lake is world's most acidic lake. Two must sees.




Day 01

Villages around Mt. Bromo
Sunset if you are early

Day 02

Sunrise at Mt. Pananjakan
Crater of Mt. Bromo
Sea of Sand
Pasir Putih beach
Coffee factory
Coffee plantation
Sulphuric hotspring
Sulphur factory in Licin village

Day 03

Blue fire
Ijen crater lake
Sulphur miners
Sulphur weighing area
Sulphur factory in Licin village

Day 01. Surabaya (airport/hotel) – Cemara Lawang

You will be picked up at your hotel or at Juanda International Airport Surabaya. In approximately four hours you will reach Cemara Lawang village. This village sits on the edge of the ancient caldera in which Mt. Bromo resides.
You spend the night near Mt. Bromo.

Day 02. Mount Bromo sunrise tour – Ijen

You will have to wake up early morning as the sun is an early bird too. 03.00 o'clock in the morning is an outstanding moment to have a cup of coffee or tea. Then you will depart for a 40 minutes drive to Mt. Pananjakan. Mt. Pananjakan is the highest viewpoint in the area to see the sunrise. Weather conditions determine the sea of color that you are going to see. Once the sun warmed you up - as it is cold at the top, between 0 and 10 ºC - you will meet your driver again.
It is time to visit the eye-catching volcano itself, Mt. Bromo. You will cross the Sea of Sand (please stop if you wish). The last part to the crater, you will have to walk. It will take about 45 minutes to get to Bromo's crater rim. Take a look in its mouth, enjoy the surroundings and inhale the morning freshness. Take your time.
Once back at your Jeep, you will return to your hotel to have breakfast and check out. Then you continue by private car via a winding road that leads you over the hill Ara-Arak to either Bondowoso or the Ijen Plateau. Have your lunch (not included) at a spot with some beautiful views.

Note: coming from Surabaya you can either spend the night at the Ijen Plateau in a basic home stay or in Bondowoso city in a more luxurious hotel. Your can choose, see the tab "Price". Your choice might depend on your budget and on the activities you would like to undertake, as at the Ijen Plateau you can visit a sulphuric hot spring, a coffee factory and see how locals live.

Day 03. Ijen trekking – Ketapang/Bali

Departing Bondowoso: If you wish to see the blue fire, you will have to leave around midnight. It takes about 1,5 hours to reach Paltuding where your local guide is waiting for you with gas masks. It is at least one hour hiking to the lake.

Departing Sempol: If you spend the night at Catimor Homestay you will have to leave around 02.00 am if you wish to see the blue fire. It is a 40 minutes drive to Paltuding. Your local guide is waiting for you to guide you to the Ijen crater lake.

Please note that watching the blue fire is only for those who are in a good condition.

On the edge of Ijen crater lake you can enjoy a colorful panorama. At the same time many sulphur miners are at work. It is a heavy duty to carry loads of around 80 kilograms up the rim and then down the slopes of Mt. Ijen.
After you experienced Ijen crater lake, there is still time to visit the sulphur factory where sulphur is purified and packed in Licin village. On your way to the harbor you can also visit a coffee factory and a waterfall. Then we drop you at the harbour in Ketapang, where you can catch the ferry to Bali.

Estimated time of arrival in Ketapang: 12.00 noon
Estimated time of arrival in Bali: around 15.00; please note that Bali time is 1 hour ahead of Java time.