Start your tour in Surabaya - Ijen crater lake in East Java, IndonesiaTime is on your side: explore the Ijen Plateau with all its phenomenal assets before checking out the Ijen crater lake.




Day 01

Pasir Putih beach
Sempol coffee plantation 

Day 02

Coffee factory
Coffee plantation
Sulphuric hotspring
Coffee luwak

Day 03

Ijen crater lake
Sulphur miners
Sulphur factory in Licin village

Day 01. Surabaya (airport/hotel) – Pasir Putih beach - Ijen area

You will be picked up at your hotel or at Juanda International Airport in Surabaya. It is approximately a four hour drive to Pasir Putih beach, where you can have lunch at a restaurant near the beach. After lunch it is another 3 hours to the village Sempol (Ijen area), or a little shorter to Bondowoso.

Note: you can choose whether you would like to stay in a basic home stay but at the Ijen Plateau or at a more luxurious hotel in Bondowoso city. At the Ijen Plateau you might have time to explore the surroundings. There is, among others, a hot spring in the area.

Day 02. Explore the Ijen area

After breakfast you can explore the area around the villages Blawan and Sempol and visit for example the strawberry garden and the coffee plantation, strawberry and macadamia nuts home industry (when season), waterfalls and the coffee factory. After a day of exploring, relax in a sulphuric hot spring
You will spend the night in the same hotel as on day 01.

Day 03. Ijen trekking – Ketapang/Bali

Departing Bondowoso: it will be around midnight that you depart if you would like to see the once in a lifetime experience: the blue fire. As it can only be seen at night, you will start hiking at around 02.00 am in the morning. Your local guide is waiting for you with gas masks.
If you don't wish to see the blue fire, you will depart around 04.00 am. You can discuss a convenient time with your driver.

Departing Sempol: you will depart at around 02.00 am to see the blue fire. You are waited for at the starting point Paltuding. If you aren't feeling into blue fire, you can depart at 05.00 am after breakfast with a cup of coffee or tea.

Paltuding is the point from where your hike starts to Ijen crater lake. It takes a little longer than one hour to trek the 3 km to the top. On the edge of the crater you can enjoy a colorful panorama. While looking at the greatest acidic lake in the world, you will see many sulphur miners busy with most heavy loads. They carry a weight between 80 and 100 kg up the rim and then down the slopes of Mt. Ijen to the sulphur weiging area. You can visit this sulphur weighing area once back at the parking lot. 
After a short break with coffee or tea and maybe a local snack, you continue to Ketapang where you can take the ferry to Bali. En route, you can visit the sulphur factory in Licin village where sulphur is purified and packed.

Estimated time of arrival in Ketapang: around 12.00 noon
Estimated time of arrival in Bali: around 15.00, please note that Bali time is one hour ahead of Java time