East and Central Java's highlights are many. Most of them you will visit, among which are the Borobudur, the Prambanan, Sultan's Palace, Water Castle and Malioboro street in Yogyakarta. In East Java you will find Java's best known volcano Mt. Bromo and world's most acidic lake Ijen.

Sulphur men early morning working at the crater - Ijen Plateau, East Java, Indonesia




Day 01

City tour Yogyakarta
Sultan's palace Yogyakarta (kraton)
Water Castle Yogyakarta
Hand crafts Yogyakarta

Malioboro Boulevard Yogyakarta

Day 02

Pawon and Mendut temple

Day 03

Cemara Lawang village
Bromo's landscape

Day 04

Mt. Pananjakan - viewpoint
Sunrise over Mt. Bromo
The black Sea of Sand
Mt. Bromo's crater
Pasir Putih beach
Ijen coffee plantation
Sulphuric hot spring
Coffee seedlings

Day 05

Ijen crater lake
Sulphur miners
Sulphur factory in Licin village

Day 01. Jakarta - flight to Yogyakarta

You will be picked up at the airport and brought to your hotel. Once you are settled, it is time for a city tour. The places to be are: The Sultan's Palace, the Water Castle, the Bird Market, and a silversmith and batik ateliers. Enjoy your "free" evening: you could watch a Ramayana performance, make an evening stroll over the famous Malioboro boulevard, enjoy a good Indonesian meal, or one of the other one hundred things that can be done in Yogyakarta.

Day 02. Yogyakarta Temple Tour

After breakfast you are of to the Borobudur, a one hour drive from Yogyakarta. To introduce the Borobudur to you probably isn't necessary. After you saw this worldwide famous temple, you will visit the two smaller temples Pawon and Mendut close to the Borobudur. Next, you are of to the Prambanan Temple, the biggest Hindu temple complex in Indonesia. Again, evenings in Yogyakarta are very relaxed and worthwhile experiencing.

Day 03. Yogyakarta flight/train to Surabaya - Cemara Lawang

A morning flight , or around noon, will bring you in approximately one hour to Surabaya. You can also take the train if you prefer a scenery during your trip (about 5 hours). Here the crew will be waiting for you. We leave immediately to Cemara Lawang, a village with beautiful views over Mt. Bromo and its surroundings. If you arrive early enough, you will have time to explore the surroundings and it's people; the Tenggerese. You can spend the night in a hotel overlooking the volcano Bromo and its landscape.

Day 04. Bromo sunrise tour - Ijen Plateau

You will be waken up at 03.00 o'clock in the morning and have a cup of coffee or tea before we leave for Pananjakan. That is the highest viewpoint in the area. Sunrises can be marvelous there. Whether you are able to see the sunrise depends on the weather conditions. After sunrise, we will descend to the Sea of Sand, from where you start walking the Mt. Bromo to see its crater. Once back at the car, we bring you back to the hotel to have breakfast. After that we continue our trip and drive in around 4 hours to Pasir Putih Beach to have lunch (not included) at a beach side restaurant. Then it is another 3 hours drive before we arrive at the Ijen Plateau. Here we will spend the night. If you wish the spend the night in the high class hotel Ijen Resort and Villas, we will drive via Banyuwangi. Depending on the time of arrival, you can explore the surroundings or spend some leisure time in the hotel.

Day 05. Ijen trekking - Ketapang/Bali

At 05.00 o'clock in the morning you can have breakfast with coffee or tea. Then we depart to Paltuding. Paltuding is the point from where you start your walk to Ijen's crater. It takes about an hour to an hour and a half to trek the 3 kilometers to the top. Once at the edge of the crater you enjoy a scenic panorama. Besides, you can see a lot of sulphur miners with a load of around 80 kilograms on their shoulders. They walk several times up and down the rim to collect sulphur, before they descend to the sulphur weighing area near the parking lot. After you enjoyed the Ijen crater lake, there is still time to visit the sulphur factory where sulphur is purified and packed in the village Licin. Hereafter we drive you to the harbour, to catch the ferry to Bali. But, if you wish, we can also drop you somewhere in Bali.
Estimated time of arrival in Ketapang (ferry): around 12.00 noon
Estimated time of arrival in Gilimanuk, Bali: around 14.00