Start in Denpasar (Bali) to the Ijen crater lake - East Java, Indonesia

East Java's finest: Ijen Crater Lake, Ijen Plateau, Sukamade turtle beach in Meru Betiri National Park, Kalibaru and Java's best known volcano Mt. Bromo.




Day 01

Bali Strait
Coffee plantation Ijen Plateau
Coffee factory

Sulphuric hot spring

Day 02

Mountainous area around Ijen
Ijen crater lake

The legendary sulphur miners
Sulphur factory in Licin village
Meru Betiri National Park
Sukamade turtle beach

Day 03

Teluk Hijau bay
Releasing baby turtles

Day 04

Coffee, rubber and cacao plantation
Coffee, rubber and cacao factory
Bromo's landscape

Day 05

Mt. Pananjakan
Sunrise over Mt. Bromo
The black Sea of Sand
Mt. Bromo's crater

Day 01. Bali (Sanur/Kuta/Denpasar) – Ijen area

You will be picked up by private car at your hotel in the area of Denpasar. The best time is after breakfast. It is a three hours drive to Gilimanuk, the village where the ferry leaves for Java. The cross over takes a little longer than one hour, after which you can have lunch in a restaurant at the seashore. After lunch you will be driven to your hotel. After lunch it takes 1.5 to 2 hours to the Ijen Plateau. Your drive will be shorter if you spend the night in Banyuwangi (see "Price-tab" to choose your hotels. When you stay at Catimor Home Stay and it isn't dark yet, you can explore the area; see local live and what work is done on a coffee plantation and in the coffee factory.

Day 02. Ijen trekking – Sukamade

Departure Banyuwangi: if you spend the night in Banyuwangi, you will have to depart at 01.00 am if you wish to see the blue fire. If you aren't interested to witness this phenomenon, you can depart around 04.00 or 05.00 am.

Departure Sempol:if you spend the night in Catimor Home Stay, it will be 02.00 am if you depart to see the famous blue flames. Otherwise it will be around 05.00 am before you depart, after a simple breakfast with coffee or tea.

Note: your local guide is waiting for you with a gas mask. The blue flames tour is only for those in a good and healthy condition.

Your hike to the crater lake starts in Paltuding. It is a 3 kilometers walk only, but because of the rather steep slopes it takes you more than an hour to get there. At the top you have a spectacular view at a sea of colors; the turquoise lake, the yellow sulphur and the brownish red crater rim. A lot of sulphur miners carry loads up to 80 kilograms out of the crater up to the rim and then down to the weighing post in Paltuding, just behind the parking lot.
After you inhaled the scenery, there is time to visit the sulphur factory in Licin village. At the factory sulphur is purified and packed. Then you drive via Pesanggaran to the protected Sukamade turtle beach in the Meru Betiri National Park. You drive through extensive plantations and the mountain range of the Meru Betiri National Park.
The turtle beach is a wild three kilometers strip of sand at the Indian Ocean. Four species of turtles come ashore to lay their eggs at night. But, before the evening falls, you have time to walk around the local kampong where people make brown sugar. At night a ranger will guide you to see the turtles come ashore and lay their eggs. The sea turtles usually come ashore around 19.30 and return to the sea at midnight.
You overnight in a simple guest house in the Meru Betiri National Park. No other option available.

Day 03. Sukamade – Kalibaru plantations

The next day, you can explore the surroundings of Sukamade and the National Park, if you like.
After breakfast, you head to Kalibaru, a famous and rustic village at the southern part of Java island. You can stop at Teluk Hijau bay where you can swim or just enjoy the scenery. It is a six hour drive to Kalibaru. You will have lunch at a local restaurant.

Day 04. Kalibaru – Cemara Lawang (Bromo)

After breakfast, you will pay a visit to a plantation where coffee, rubber and chocolate are grown. You can see the gardens as well as the factories where the coffee beans, the rubber and the cacao are processed. Depending on the season what is harvested, the factory might be running or not.
Then, you continue to Cemara Lawang village near mount Bromo. It will take about four to five hours to reach the village. Of course, we will stop for lunch. You spend the night in a village with a view over Mt. Bromo and its landscape.

Day 05. Sunrise at Mt. Bromo – Drop in Surabaya

It is around three o'clock in the morning if you wish to see the sun to rise over the astonishing surroundings. You have coffee or  tea before leaving to Pananjakan by Jeep. Besides Mt. Pananjakan there are some other spots from where you can witness the sunrise, for example King Kong Hill or Seruni hill. Discuss with your driver where you would like to go. Then you will descend to the Sea of Sand. This sea you will have to cross if you want to see the crater of mount Bromo. Once back at the car, you will be brought to your hotel to have breakfast. And then, unexpectedly, it is time for you transfer to Surabaya. We can either drop you in a hotel or at Juanda International Airport. Please book a flight after 16.00.