Sulphur miners at the Ijen crater lake - tour Bali Ijen Bali in 20 hours
Bali and Ijen crater lake are actually rather close to each other. It takes you just 20 hours to witness the blue fire, one of the very few spots in the world where you can see this natural phenomenon. This private tour grants you some relaxation.


In 20 hours from Bali to see the famous blue fire phenomenon and Ijen crater lake



Bali Strait
Ijen blue fire
Sunrise over Ijen crater lake
Crater landscape
Sulphur miners
Sulphur weighing area
Coffee plantation

You will be picked up at your hotel around Denpasar in Bali at 19:30. In about 4 to 5 hours you will reach Gilimanuk, depending on traffic conditions and your starting point. In Gilimanuk you take the ferry to Ketapang in Java, which takes about 1 hour. After a coffee break you will be heading to Paltuding.
At Paltuding your local guide is waiting for you. He will bring your gas mask. The hike to the top of mount Ijen will take about 1 to 1.5 hours as the slope is rather steep. Your guide will be your helping hand. When you reach the top you will have to hike down into the crater to get near the lake. It is here where you will see the blue fire. Enjoy!
As the blue fire can only be seen when it is dark, you can head to the crater rim when the sun is about to rise. You will be sitting at an altitude of 2,883 m. Inhale the colorful crater landscape and the spectacular views.
The sulphur miners are at work; getting into the crater, collecting the sulphur, and getting out of the crater with loads as heavy as 80 to 100 kg. Anytime when you feel ready, walk back to Paltuding. You can find the sulphur weighing area just behind the parking lot. Here the sulphur miners get together to weigh their loads, to get in on a truck, and to get paid. When you are ready, you will meet your driver. Breakfast then will be served in a local restaurant - "warung" - before heading back to Ketapang.
On your way back to Ketapang, you will visit the coffee plantation Kalibendo and Jagir waterfall. At Ketapang you will get on the ferry back to Gilimanuk after which you will be driven back to your hotel. If you are heading to any other destination in Bali please inform us.

Estimated time of arrival at your hotel in Bali: 15.00 - 16.00 Bali time. Your time of arrival depends on how much time you spend at the objects you visit.