Strawberries at the Ijen Plateau in East Java

Plantation tour

At your own pace and according to your own interests walking through to the coffee plantation Blawan? If you spend an extra day at the Ijen Plateau you have enough time to inhale the amazing scenery and to get to know its secrets. Especially in the morning, when the sun is not yet at its highest point, views are terribly dramatic and colors are still bright and fresh. You have the opportunity to see people at work in the plantation, in the vegetable fields or in the coffee greenhouses. For example, drive by car, motor cycle or by bicycle to a place you really would love to hike, feel free to wander around and get in contact with the locals.

Always wanted to pick your own coffee? Arabica Home Stay offers organized tours around the coffee plantation. The tour is available during picking season, from May till August. In the morning you leave for the coffee plantation where you are offered the opportunity to pick the coffee yourself. After your basket is full, you bring it to the weighing area where your load will be weighed. You will be back in your homestay around 12.00 o'clock, but that of course depends on the location where you picked coffee, the time of departure to the plantation and the time you like to spend at the plantation. You have a break, before you visit the next-door factory at around 15.00 o'clock. It takes about two hours to tour the factory and to understand the processing of coffee. You see all facets involved.

Strawberry tour

Although strawberries are common in many countries, strawberries are not that common in Java. One very simple reasons is - for example - that the average Javanese fruit-vendor doesn't have a fridge at his disposal. Strawberries rot very quickly in this tropical climate. That is why most strawberries are processed into syrup, dodol, juice and jam. A restaurant in Bali that focuses on western customers, purchases regularly. Surabaya is also a big market for Ijen's strawberries.

Strawberries are not a regular scene at a coffee plantation. It is about 10 years ago that strawberries were introduced. The reason was mainly economic.
Three breeds are being cultivated, namely Sweet Charlie, Chandler and Holland. Strawberries are sold at about IDR 80,000 per kilogram, that is almost € 6.00. In the raining season the four hectares of strawberries are picked twice a week, during the dry season they are picked three times a week. The yield ranges between 150 to 300 kg per week. The plantation is located at a height of 1100 m above sea level in a valley, where at night the temperature drops to an eighteen to nineteen degrees. This particular area at the Ijen Plateau actually does not suit the coffee berries.

Get to know all Ijen's strawberry products

All Ijen's strawberry products are hand made. If you take a tour, you will not only have a strol over the seven hectares, but also get some explanation about the hand made products, such as dodol, jam, juice and syrup. And, you will have the chance to witness the processes. At the end of this small tour you will be treated a small box of strawberries.