In Blawan, left of the road if you walk from Catimor Home Stay in the direction of the waterfall, there is a small shed where civets are kept. This shed is nothing special and has room for around 20 animals. Near the coffee factory in Sempol around 80 luwaks are kept.


The civet is a shy animal. Luwaks are caught in the wild and sold to the coffee plantation, since it is not easy to breed, raise or domesticate a civet. But, by observation and experience the animal can eventually be bred. This is not yet being done at the coffee plantations at the Ijen Plateau.

Diet civet

The luwak is a carnivore, but besides meat - and coffee of course - it also consumes fruits like banana, papaya and guava. As the luwak is a carnivore, they can behave as a cannibal. That is why they live in separate cages. A civet can eat 0.88 to 1.15 kilograms of coffee fruits per day. The coffee given is ripe and fresh. The coffee beans are fermented for about 12 hours inside the luwak's stomach.