Distance from Yogyakarta to Bromo and Bali

According to Google the fastest route from Yogyakarta to mount Bromo takes 10 hours and 7 minutes. The distance between these 2 places is 390.8 km. The distance of 407.1 km from Bromo to Kuta in Bali will take 10 hours and 47 minutes. A basic calculation tells us that your average speed will be 38.5 km per hour. If you then also take into consideration that all possible kinds of transport with and without wheels take the same road - which indeed makes traveling interesting - you probably can imagine that these 21 hours are optimistic. An accident, a driver who needs a rest, your friends who really needs to pee or would like to drink a cup of coffee...... It might be a heck of an idea to do some more sightseeing between Yogyakarta and mount Bromo to stay best friends with the fellows in the same car. Here we go.

Rolling cigarettes - visit Gudang Garam in Kediri

7 ideas for you travel planning from Yogyakarta to Bromo and Bali

Because it is actually impossible to count the points of interest between Yogyakarta and Bali, I let you squeeze in in our top 7 travel ideas in East Java enroute to Bali. If you have any question, please ask! As showing you our Java is our goal, we are really happy if we can answer your questions.

Gudang Garam kretek cigarette factory in Kediri

Where the cigarettes are still hand rolled by hundreds of women... A look in one of the warehouses where dozens or maybe hundreds of women are rolling cigarettes impossibly fast is an image that hangs around in your mind forever. The smell of cloves, whether you like smoking or not, is typical for Indonesia. Gudang Garam has since long been a leading clove cigarette factory in Indonesia. Take a look, just this time.....

Hotel Tugu Blitar

Hotel Tugu in Blitar - East JavaAre you looking for a real treat? The exquisite Tugu Hotel in Blitar is certainly worth a stop over. The owner of the Tugu hotels in Java and Bali is a collecter of local antiques which he exhibits in his hotels. As Tugu states: "Travel back to the times of ancient kingdoms and thousand-year-old legends. Blending a private collection of hundreds of priceless antiques and artworks with majestic landscapes. Staying at Tugu is a romantic journey through the true soul, history and culture of Indonesia." Explore Tugu Hotel Blitar.

Mount Kelud

Trekking Mt. Kelud - East JavaThe fascinating and active volcano Kelud can be "reached" pleasantly by car or by some enjoyable hiking. The interesting road on the western side leads to a viewpoint, while hiking on the eastside is really experiencing something else. The climb up hill takes about 4 hours and the hike down about 3 hours. Views along the way are splendid and your source of inspiration to keep going. You will hike from about 700 m to a height of 1510 m. Mount Kelud itself stands 1724 m tall. Don't miss it.

Kampung Coklat

Local fun combined with knowledge about cacao and chocolate and the process of making chocolate. A real treat I would say. A day out the Indonesian way. If you have kids, they definitely will enjoy on the slides, the small pool with water cycles and the 'boom-boom' cars. Please, give it a try!

Madakaripura waterfalls

Madakaripura waterfalls in Probolinggo district - East JavaOn your way from Probolinggo to Cemara Lawang village, one can visit the enchanting waterfalls called Madakaripura. These waterfalls are still of importance to the Tengger tribes that live in the area around mount Bromo. The hike is easy and takes about 1 hour. One can't visit the waterfalls when it has been raining or when it is about to rain because the water flow then will be too big - and thus too dangerous - to get near the waterfalls.

Biggest blue fire area in the world at the most acidic lake on earth; kawah Ijen

Blue fire at Ijen crater lake - also called kawah IjenMost of those who head to mount Ijen aren't aware of the fact that they head to the most acidic lake on earth situated in an active volcano. On top of that the biggest blue fire area is hidden in the crater of mount Ijen. Stand next to this acidic lake - everything that falls into it disappears within seconds - to be able to see the blue flames. Don't mistake this phenomenon for lava as it is really something different.

Sulphur factory in Licin village - nowhere else to be seen!

Sulphur miners have probably one of the hardest jobs in the world. Standing next to the most acidic lake, where fluid sulphur quickly solidifies at the end of ceramic pipes, the miners collect the sulphur. They use steel bars, braving extremely dangerous gasses and liquids with minimal protection. This sulphur is wheeled down the slopes of mount Ijen. Then the miners load their harvest at the weighing station in Paltuding and load it on a truck. The truck drives to the sulphur factory in Licin village. The sulphur boils, is then spread on a cold floor, after which it is picked into small pieces and put in bags before it is loaded on trucks that bring it to Surabaya. Nowhere else to be seen!

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