Civet coffee is the most expensive coffee you can drink

The civet eats the coffee berries. These are digested by a cat-like animal called palm civet or civet-cat. The beans can be found in the civet's poop, undigested. These beans are collected, washed and processed. The coffee-process is actually the same as regular coffee. The amino acids that are released during fermentation, continue to do their work while the beans are being process. This produces the exquisite taste.

This coffee is a product of South East Asia in the countries Philippines, Vietnam, India, and in Indonesia on the islands Sumatra, Java, Bali and Celebes. There are 2 types of production processes, namely wild versus caged civet cats. As is the case with all animals held at farms, captivity is an unnatural situation which most often leads to stress and thus unhealthy animals. Certified civet coffee can be bought.

As a chemical fermentation process has been developed that simulates the digestive process in the civet, civet coffee might be produced in factories and become cheaper. This coffee is called coffee primero, and its price can be compared with regular coffee.

Yearly about 250 to 500 kg civet coffee is being produced worldwide! Thus be careful when buying luwak coffee as it might not be original.

Ijen Plateau is one of the spots in Indonesia where civet coffee is produced