Sunshine is glinstering in the fishponds and flowers seem to greet you warmly. Local houses are such something else; a Javanese experience.

Houses of locals at the Ijen Plateau - East Java

Bedroom in a local house at the Ijen PlateauSome locals grow various vegetables in their front garden and put a sign with its name on it. It's a nice stroll through those small enclaves, which can also shelter you for a night or so.


Facilities are very modest in the local houses. Locals are living with their family under very sober conditions. Though, from the outside you might suspect otherwise. Houses have 1 or 2 rooms only. Depending on the family the house is rented from, you either spend the night together or the family leaves the house as long as guests are occupying it. The houses are equipped with a bathroom and a french toilet, though both very basic.
The capacity of the house depends on the amount of rooms available; in general two You will find basic bedrooms in a local house at the Ijen Plateaupersons per room. Electricity is available.

Activities in the neighborhood

The activities in the neighborhood depend on the area you choose to stay. If you book a local house via Arabica Homestay you stay in a house in the nearby area of that homestay. If you rent a house via Catimor Homestay, you stay in the area of Catimor Homestay.

Price per night in IDR for a local house at the Ijen Plateau

These prices are valid for the year 2016. The price of a local house depends on the house that is available. For example, if you get the house of the manager of the coffee plantation it is bigger and more luxurious than a house of a daily laborer.

Table 1. Price per room per night in IDR



No. of houses

Local house 250,000 many

Note: basic conditions

If you would like to stay in a local house, you can arrange that either by contacting Arabica Homestay or Catimor Homestay.