At Pos Paltuding you can find three basic facilities to spend the night. It can get cold during the night, but just three km left to Ijen crater lake.

Paltuding trekking camp just 3 km from the Ijen crater lake

A house to spend the night at Paltuding trekking camp near Ijen crater lakeFormerly you could just sleep in your sleeping bag on the floor, now there are actually some beds available too. Keep in mind that it might get extremely cold at this altitude in Paltuding! The 'warungs' at the parking lot provide some snacks such as mie, fried rice (nasi goreng) and fried bananas (pisang goreng). Otherwise, bring your own food.


Three houses are available at Pos Paltuding. One house comes without beds, here you can just throw your sleeping bag on the floor. You will have to rent the complete house. In Bedroom at Paltuding trekking camp, which is situated just 3 km from Ijen crater lakethe other two houses it is possible to rent just a room with a bed.
All houses do not have a bathroom or toilet indoors. Electricity is only available from five o'clock in the evening till five o'clock in the morning.

To lake Ijen (2,368 m asl): inclination 17%

Everybody who doesn't spend the night at Paltuding will arrive early morning at this post. Most likely at five o'clock. Everybody comes early because best pictures are taken around sunrise. Besides, the smoke coughed up by the crater thickens at 14.00 o'clock onwards, while in the raining season clouds also come in early.
It is just a three kilometers climb from the parking lot to the lake, but it is a brisk walk. In just three kilometers you climb 518 meters, that is almost 175 meters per kilometer or an average inclination of 17%! The first two kilometers are most heavy.

Price per night in IDR at Paltuding

These prices are valid for the year 2016. Catimor Homestay has several types of rooms available. Those in the bamboo building are of better quality than in the brick building.

Table 1. Price per room per night in IDR



No. of rooms

House 1 150,000 - 200,000 3
House 2 250,000 40 people can sleep on the carpet
House 3 100,000 2


You can contact Pak Sigik (mobile: (+62) (0)81 358 884 155) to book a room or house. Because the signal is often very week, it's best to send an sms.