At the Ijen Plateau in Sempol village you can find Arabica Homestay just of the main road. The magnificent views and the nearby coffee factory are the homestay's main attraction.

Arabica Homestay at the Ijen Plateau

This homestay is of good value if you want to explore the coffee plantation or even participate in picking coffee.


Arabica Homestay at the coffee plantation at the Ijen Plateau in East JavaArabica Homestay has three types of rooms, but all have their own bathroom with hot water. Breakfast is included for all rooms. You can drink freely coffee or tea while sending a WhatsApp to your friends and family as WiFi is available. You can also enjoy lunch and dinner at the homestay, but if you are looking for an alternative it is a kilometer walk to the village Sempol where you can find several 'warungs'.

Activities in the neighborhood

One of the two factories at the coffee plantation is right beside the Arabica Homestay. If you book a tour in the main coffee picking season - in the months May until August - you Green "lanes" at Arabica Homestay at the Ijen Plateau - East Java, Indonesiawill get a full package for Rp. 25,000 per person. During the tour you will pick coffee yourself first. After picking you weigh your harvest before it is brought by truck to the factory. Then you go back to Arabica Homestay where you can have lunch and a rest. Around 15.00 o'clock the coffee factory is open for visitors where you will be guided around to follow the bean until it is ready to be transported to Surabaya. If the animal luwak is in a good condition, you have the opportunity to meet the animal who is responsible for the product 'Coffee Luwak', the most expensive coffee in the world. Of course, you can visit and wander around the plantation yourself as well.
Just in front of the homestay, down the road, there is a strawberry garden. This garden opened in 2003. You can either enjoy it yourself, but if you are interested in the process of home industry, you might take a tour for Rp. 20,000 per person (or Rp. 115,000 if 10 or more people). With just a few people they produce products like strawberry jam, sirup and dodol, a kind of sugar.
On the way to the strawberry garden you see a swimming pool. It is said that the pool will be operational this year. But, they have been saying that already for a few years... If it is operational, the water is not heated but the surroundings will make up for it.

Price per night in IDR for Arabica Homestay at the Ijen Plateau

These prices are valid for the year 2016. Arabica Homestay has three types of rooms available.

Table 1. Price per room per night in IDR



No. of rooms

Economy room 300,000 12
Standard room 350,000 7
VIP room 450,000 4

Note: the price includes breakfast and the room comes with hot water

Would you like to book a room? Contact Ibu Minarsih +62 (0)813 3638 9597, Ibu Fury +62 (0)852 5847 6330 or Mas Khodier +62 (0)81 336 130 476.