The greatest acidic lake on earth: Ijen crater lake

Ijen Plateau is Indonesia’s most famous crater and lies in East Java, 2,600 meters tall, topped with a caldera with the world’s largest lake of highly acid (pH<0.5) and mineralized volcanic water. The lake has an average depth of 176 meters at a height of 2,368 m. Perhaps Ijen crater lake is the most amazing Indonesian lake.

Smoke near Ijen crater lake - East Java

The view at the blue greenish lake is astonishing. The yellow sulphur that contrasts with the lake and the browinsh-red rocks surrounding it, completes the sea of colour.

Ijen crater lake is famous for its sulphur miners

Sulphur miners start working around two o'clock in the morning only to finish at around 11 o'clock. That to earn a daily wage of Rp. 100,000. Twice, or three times a day the miners climb out of the crater up to the rim with a weight of around 80 kilograms on their shoulders. You could call them real sportsmen. Just after this heavy climb, a three and a half kilometres road down the hill awaits them. The climb has an average incline of 17 percent. Once down, they will weigh their

Ijen Plateau: a combination of nature and humans

Coffee plantations, strawberries, the animal luwak, local people, great views, waterfalls and hot springs with sulphur. Take your time to visit the Plateau, its inhabitants and the lake. Stay a few days and absorb.





As from 22:00 - 21 March 2018 - Ijen crater lake is closed due to gas emissions

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Blue fire

burning of sulphuric gasses

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