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We, Agus and Martine, are a mixed couple living in Indonesia. There are many advantages of being a mixed couple when running a travel agency. 75% of our customers are foreigners, while 25% are local travelers. Both kind of travelers need special attention as they have clearly different wishes. As a mixed couple we better understand cultural differences and we can add a new kind of experience for both groups of travelers.

Agus Supriyanto was born in 1972 in Malang, just behind Hotel Helios. He started working at the hotel at the age of 16 as a car washer. Slowly he worked his way up, via room boy to manager. Then, in 2009 the hotel got renovated thoroughly and Agus decided to open a Tour & Travel agency in cooperation with the owner of Hotel Helios. Ever since the opening, the agency developed successfully under his management. To be able to develop his own ideas, he opened Smartine Indonesia Travel in July 2016. At this moment Helios Transport is the executor of the tours sold by Smartine Indonesia Travel.

Agus & Martine - owners IjenPlateau.com

Martine Barwegen was born in 1973 in Utrecht, The Netherlands. For her PhD in animal science with the topic 'the history of animal husbandry in East Java' she went to Malang in 2000. Many other times followed and she met Agus. After graduation, she worked as an agricultural journalist for several magazines in The Netherlands and started her own company Smartine. Then in 2009, she decided to settle in Malang. She opened the backpackers hostel Kampong Tourist at the roof of Hotel Helios and manages it till today. Together with Agus she is working on their own travel agency Smartine Indonesia Travel.

Small Scaled Social Support by Smartine

We donates a part of our profit to small scaled local projects, just in the kampong behind our office. Some people just need help. Why do we share our money? Actually the poorest are the richest, as they will even give you their last dime. Living in a bamboo house, without a tile floor, without running water, without sewerage, without realy anything, they will find you something to give. I - Martine - have learned to give and to share just here in Indonesia. As Smartine Indonesia Travel was just founded in July 2016, we present you our data so far.

Ijen Plateau shares its profit

We collected IDR 1,964,276 in July and August 2016

"Small Scaled Social Support by Smartine" collected almost 2 million Rupiahs. Our goal is to reach a monthly average of 1,000,000 per year.

Smartine Indonesia Travel donates to families in need behind the office

We helped three families in the Kampong behind our office

With the money collected we were able to assist three families in their needs. Find out more....

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